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Organizing a trip to Thailand is very easy. Up to 30 nights a passport valid for at least six months is sufficient and  no visa is required. For a longer stay, a touristic visa is required, which can be obtained at the Thai embassies. No vaccinations are required.

In most countries any sort of updated touristic information is available at the Thai National Board for Tourism, and in Thailand at TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand). TAT offices are located in Le Concorde Building, 202 Ratchadaphisek Road (tel 0066.2.6941.222). 

The local currency is the Thai baht. Approximately the rate of exchange is 39 bath per 1 US$. All major credit cards are commonly accepted.

The local time is GMT +7.

The area code for Thailand is +66, followed by the local area code without 0. For international calls from Thailand, dial 001 followed by the area code of the country.




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