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If you are planning a trip to Thailand, better organize it in winter than in summer, when the hot and humid temperatures due to the monsoons make everything more tiring. Arriving in Bangkok for the first time in the summertime can be an unpleasant experience.

Generally the Thai are kind and smiling, but in Bangkok as well as in the most famous tourist resorts,  you should be careful: you should always negotiate the prices when shopping in the streets (bargaining is part of the Thai culture). This applies to taxis and other means of transportation (such as the "tuk tuk") as well. Always make sure that the driver has perfectly understood where you want to go.

If you get out of the most typical tourist itineraries (for instance, to visit the beautiful region of Isan, in the north-east of Thailand, at the border with Cambodia and Laos), communication can become a major problem: very few people can speak English or any other European language. It is advisable to rent a guide, which can be found at the major tourist agencies at a reasonable price.

As is the case of all exotic countries, when you are staying in hotels or restaurants less suitable to European customers, you should always avoid drinks with ice and unbottled, fruit that has not been peeled, raw vegetables and ice creams: they can be the cause of very nasty stomach problems.

Moving in Thailand is very easy. There is a good airline network connecting the most important cities and the tourist resorts on the sea. Travelling by train can be a nice experience, especially travelling to the north on the night trains. The sleeping berths are  separated by curtains and  you can order hot meals on board. The bus transportation is also very good: buses always have air conditioning, television and comfortable seats. Sometimes some light snacks are also included in the price of the ticket. The streets are generally good and the signs are clear.

Renting a car is easy, but finding the right direction in Bangkok and making your way through traffic is almost impossible. The way of driving of Thai is very different from ours and very "adventurous". That is why it is always advisable to get a taxi to go around the city or rent a car with a driver for longer itineraries. The costs are generally reasonable.

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