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Thai people enjoy celebrating every important feast. Mostly they are linked to the Buddhist religion, which marks the months together with those related to the country life, and to the Royal Family, beloved by all the Thais.

January 14th, Umbrella Fair: the streets of the small village called Banw Sang, close to Chiang Mai, are invaded by thousands coloured umbrellas made of silk and "ricse paper".

February 19, Magha Puja: celebration of the first sermon of Buddha to his 1250 disciples with candle light processions.

April 12th, Songkran Festival: celebration of the Thai New Year with water battles along the streets and holy cerimonies in the temples.

November 10-11th, Loi Krathon: feast of the light, the most spectacular of the Country, especially in Sukhothai. In the full moon nights, little boats made of flowers are put on the rivers to honour  the spirits.

December 5th, The King's Birthday: flags and giant pictures of the King, Bhumibol Adulyadejare all over the country to celebrate his birthday.

December 13-19th, Ayutthaya World Heritage: the ancient capital of Siam becomes the centre of cultural events and holy cerimonies.


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