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Thai people have a real passion for good food. The local gastronomy joins the ancient knowledge of a cuisine made of elaborate and genuine dishes with the fine art of decorating a table.

Bitter, sweet, salt, sour and spicy: these are the five flavours always found in all Thai dishes, measured out in the right balance. Thai cooking is rich with traditional flavours, as it derives from many different cultures: several foods derive from the Chinese cuisine (such as fish cooked using many different spices, omelette filled with pork meat, vegetables cooked with pieces of chicken and shrimps, duck, steamed rice and of course the traditional spaghetti) and every Thai can eat with the typical sticks, even if cutlery is very common. Also their way of eating is reminiscent of the Chinese culture, as normally each course is divided among all the  people sharing the same table.


In addition to the Chinese tradition, we should mention the contact with the Arab merchants (from whom the Thai have especially acquired the taste for the satay, the spit of lamb or wether) and above all the Indian tradition, particularly on curry and how to use coconut milk to temper the spicy flavours.

Savoury meals always end up with a wide variety of fruit.


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